Saturday, December 29, 2012


I went to a friends funeral yesterday.  He was one of the first agents at our office that came up and offered help.  I still remember the first time he came up to me was outside the old office, he introduced himself and offered any help he could give.  His name was Jeff and he was Charles age.  He had left real estate a couple years ago but earlier this year his son got his license and started working here.  A couple weeks ago he was here with his son visiting and when he saw me he came right up and started asking how everything was.  He remembered all we had talked about in the past and asked on those items.  Kind as could be.  He was a retired Major, very decorated and even reached the status of Green Beret.  Unfortunately with his military life and time in the Iraq war came his own personal "demons" .  Demons he just couldn't get past. I heard he sought help in different ways.   As I saw the looks on his familys faces at the funeral my heart just ached.  I just pray God touches this family and finds some way to help them through it.  I know he can if they will just seek him.  I do not pretend to imagine what they are going through right now.  I am glad to have met him and known him.  I see a lot of him in his son Jeffrey.  Thats whats on my mind.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Moral Decay

Oh how I long for the days of no sin.  I miss how people used to never commit murder.  How when you would walk down the street everyone would say hi and ask what they could do to help you.  The days are long gone when men would only marry women and have big happy families where the kids would only say yes sir, no sir or ma'am.  It was great when you would tell a child to do something and they would hop right to it with no questions except in wondering what else they could do.  I remember how all music was in praise of God and television was only clean with no perversion whatsoever.  But NOW we live in a world with moral decay.  Not like the days when Cain and Abel used towork together on everything and grew old together with their kids playing together.  Not like the days when God told Adam and Eve what to do and they obeyed without question.  Luckily the Bible never had to mention anything about divorce as its just a creation of modern man.  Husbands and wives stayed together forever because they were always loyal, in love and never did anything to  hurt each other.  All kids in Biblical times were raised by two parents not one because children raised by two parents never did anything wrong.  There was no jealousy of what other people had in those days either for example Jacob and Esau were always looking out for each other.  Yup everything was just fine until those darn liberals introduced moral decay to society. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Good Books

I love a good book.  Sometimes I just wish I could sit and read with no interruptions.  Caylum and Evan seem to have this trait also.  Caylum is reading LOTR right now and Evan reads teen scifi/fantasy type books.  It is great though to just kind of start reading and make the world go away.  I have been reading The Song of Ice and Fire.  Unbelievable character creation and the sheer volume of characters is amazing too and yet not one of them is safe it seems.  Just felt like sayin.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Gun Control or Lack there of

A lot is being said on both sides of the gun control issue right now but not a lot of substance actually coming out.  The NRA and other "Gun religions" are creating a straw man to try and argue their case.  They paint the gun control advocates as people who all believe noone has a right to own a gun or should only own limited guns.  They want their followers to believe gun control only means taking away their guns.  While there are many who do believe in that kind of gun control the majority actually just want to find ways to limit the availability of guns to the wrong people.  And when a gun falls in to the wrong hands someone should answer as to how this happened.  I find it preposterous to think that our forefathers would say we should be allowed to have easy access to any type of gun manufactured, they could never fathom the destruction that can be caused by todays weapons plus the other problem with that argument is they never intended for the second amendment to apply to everyone it does today.  In the days this nation was founded you pretty much had to be a white landowner to have rights(oh and a male).  ( And don't go quoting the second amendment I know how it reads and this is a very different world than the one that existed when it was written) Now I am not saying we should not be able to have any type of gun manufactured I just believe there should be numerous controls as to how you obtain them and should be properly trained to use them.  I have seen the recent arguments as to how the teachers in Israel carry guns to protect their students.  Really?  You really want that to be one of your arguments.  You want to be like Israel?  That is a war torn country how do you not understand that?  Thr pro gun postings on facebook do not paint a very good picture of who gun right advocates are either.  Most gun rights people I know tend to have faith in God but then they post items like cartoons that say "Please rob my neighbor he believes in gun control"  Or "this house protected by guns and God, enter unlawfully and you will meet both" .  These are not funny, just hateful of people who do not agree with you. 

On the other side of the issue the gun control activists seem to believe that more gun control would solve the issues we have seen more and more often with these mass killings.  It seems like quite a stretch as these are demented people who were going to find a way to commit these heinous acts no matter what.  Might there have been less damage if we could find a way to deter their access to guns, maybe.  But the gun rights advocate have a great point in that people kill people the gun is just a tool.  Admittedly a gun has only one real use and all other uses are still based on that  one use and that is to kill, but for protection shouldn't you be able to have an assault rifle to protect yourself from one who might break in and also have an assault rifle.  They are already out there so people may have a right to be prepared for such an issue.  The police can't protect you once you are already in that situation they tend to be more of a cleanup crew.  Gun control advocates also need to recognize many people own guns for many different reasons, collectors, hunters, protection reasons, just because they can, and most do not own any that could cause the mass destruction we have been seeing lately.  Not all NRA members oppose gun registration or mandatory training classes.  We tend to hear mostly from extremists.

I understand the debate from both sides but I find it would be better served without all the false rhetoric and outright lies.  I believe most politicians if they were to be honest without fear of losing a large portion of their constituency would say Americans should be able to own most any gun they want but would also tell you there should definitely be some controls put in place to keep them out of the wrong hands.  What defines the "wrong hands" would be a whole other debate.  I know of many people who qualify to carry and that definitely doesn't make me feel safer knowing that if ya get my drift.  No I will not mention names.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Tis the season

Christopher Pop-in-kins showed up last night sometime.  probably came in on the wind.  Kids noticed him first thing.  We went out last night and got me a new phone.  No I didn't get an I-phone or a galaxy.  I got a Motorola Atrix.  I am a tightwad when it comes to that.  I can't see spending 150 dollars on a phone, especially when they already get their monthly payment from us.  It also came with a  100 dollar gift card from Walmart.  Its pretty cool, but it will take me a while to get used to the features (The phone not the gift card).  Definitely added the insurance this time.  My latest candy is a milk chocolate fudge with caramel and walnuts.  Kris starts finals later this week, and finishes up next week.  She has loaded on the extra credit to help keep her grades up as much as possible. 

I went to a couple foreclosure auctions this week.  It was fun.  A broker I do some work for here in town asked me to go to one in Tehama.  I went and bid on a house for him but we didn't get it.  I thought we were going to but then it escalated to high for his blood.  Then the next day he wated to go bid on one in Willows and since the checks were already in my name he had me go with him.  That one never auctioned so we didn't even get a shot.  It was a fun experience though. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Busy busy

Suddenly picking up at real estate office.  I have two properties in escrow , but have a few offers for buyers pending or going to be written soon.  Kris is still doin well at school, but finals time has her stressed.  I am sure she will be just fine.  It also appears she may have been officially accepted into the Vet Tech program.  She is excited of course.  The kids are doing well too.  Jarod seems to be doin better at school as we approach the halfway point.  Caylum is at tops as usual.  Kiara is doing great.  Leila is improving in speech.  Kian is as ornery as ever.  Evan is Evan.  We have to remind him to do things but seems to understand most work with minimal problem. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving was great

Had a great day Thanksgiving.  So happy to have mom and dad join us for the day.  The food was great.  I really liked the pies I made but Kris' Lemon pie with a shortbread crust was my favorite.  The kids loved the ham and turkey.  I had dad put together a small container of Penuche and Divinity and Almond Roca to take with him.  Gotta love that Penuche.  Evan was really liking the divinity.  The rolls mom brought were delicious too.  Kris made artichoke dip for snacking so I didn't make the artichoke casserole after all.  It was a great anniversary too.  We all visited most of the time.  Dad told the kids the story of him and Uncle Coy being chased by the wild pigs and climbing to the top of  a tree only to have it bend back down to the ground. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day before Thanksgiving

I woke up this morn and made some Almond Roca before heading out to RE office.  I will be making divinity and penuche fudge too.  To get ahead on the dinner I will also make the two pies I have planned and the mashed potato casserole.  Kris is also making a pie.  Then tomorrow it will mostly be throw the turkey and ham in the oven.  Finish the casseroles, make the green beans and Collard greens.  All simple stuff.  So looking forward to everyone being home and mom and dad being here.  Just a day to breathe.  I tried to find some regular chex mix but the store was out and I do not feel like making it myself.  I remember before you could buy it in stores, when we used to go to Aunt Nells she always had some homemade.  I love the stuff.  We will have cocktail weinies, pita w/hummus, crackers and dip and honey roasted peanuts to snack on.  If the kids are hungry by dinner I have not done my job...LOL  I pray everyone has a Great Thanksgiving. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

I picked up the girls bed today.  Robert had it so he could paint it for us.  It looks great.  We have such great family always looking out for each other.  The bed was one the boys had.  It is a captains bed with trundle and drawers.  It was jast clearcoated natural wood finish, but for the girls he painted it a light pink.  It almost looks white, just a real soft tint.  I also picked up a 4x4 sign to put on mom and dads property.  It also looks great.  Now we can finish getting girls room back together and a lot more clothes put away.  They have their princess room.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving menu

I still have to go over with Kris but have our general menu together.  We will cook both a ham and turkey breast.  I found a simple recipe for breaded green beans.  I also found a recipe for creamy mashed potato casserole that can be made and refrigerated the day before.  We will be trying out a new artichoke casserole which sounds interesting.  Also on the menu are collard greens, fruit salad and rolls.  For dessert I plan on making a Peanut Butter Nutella Nutter Butter Pie as well as a creme de menthe pecan pie.  Of course I will get some canned cranberry jelly for Kris as its one of her favorites.  I will also make sure we have a few muchies for the kids throughout the day. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First three

Here is where we stand so far on the treat making.  First I made the standard fudge with marshmallows and canned milk.  My second candy was Peanut Butter Fudge.  I took the recipe I found and tweaked it.  The recipe online was made with peanut butter, sugar, canned milk, and vanilla.  I added about a cup and a half of marshmallows.  The kids love it especially Kian.  Last night I got the ingredients together for Rice krispie treats.  Kris ended up making those with a little recipe tweaking againg.  Just as the marshmallows finished melting we added 2 teaspoons of milk and a teaspoon of vanilla.  Once we took it off the heat and added the cereal we then added a quarter bag of premier white vanilla chips.   I understand it was great.   I, of course, have not been trying any of this.   Next will be peanut brittle or almond roca.  

Friday, November 09, 2012

I am my kids friend

I have heard so many parents say.  I tell my kids I am NOT their friend.   I disagree.  I AM my kids friend.  That and so much more.  To me it is one of the many things we have to be as parents.  Being their friend does not mean you would let them get away with anything they shouldn't do.  If you think about what a true friend would be then as a good parent you are most likely the ultimate friend.  We are also their parnet, counselor, job adviser, disciplinarian, spiritual teacher, teacher, chef, maid, laundromat, banker, grocery store, etc. etc.  but in no way are you not their friend.  Now I realize by another parents definition of a friend then they in fact may be correct they are not their kids friend.  Just another thought for today.

San Francisco

Took the kids to San Francisco yesterday.  They had a blast.  We went to the exploratorium first where they could learn about all types of different science info.  Then we took the down to fishermans wharf.  We realized where we were parked we were close to ghiradelli square.  Then we walked to the wharf.  By then the kids were starving so we swung in to a Burger king and got them burgers.  From there we went on to Pier 39 and walked through a few shops and to the end of the pier.  Pointed out alcatraz to them as well as a world war 2 sub you could see a couple piers over.  They had a really great Ireland shop on the Pier.  As we walked back we stopped to watch a guy who was painting pictures and selling them.  The amazing part is he was doing it all with spray paint.  The only items that were not frehanded were licensed products such as the 49ers symbol.   We were going to take them to Lombard but it was getting late and it was rush hour plus we still had one more stop to make in Walnut Creek.  Evan had seen the San Francisco Creamery on a couple of Food Network shows and has always wanted to go and order the Kitchen Sink.  It is 8 GIANT Scoops of Ice Cream with 8 toppings plus whip cream, nuts, and cherries. 

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

4 more years....

Romans 13:1-2

New International Version (NIV)

Submission to Governing Authorities

13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

OK election is over now.  No major controversy rearing its ugly head.  I found it interesting and seized the evening to try and explain the electoral college to the kids.  Caylum and jarod were gathered around my laptop as I watched the different states being called.  I explained to them about projections vs. actual final numbers.  I even pulled up particular states and showed them how the districts were voting and where a district had not been counted yet.  I explained how we at this time do not know what makeup the uncounted district may have but how the news agencies do know and can call a state with only 60-70% counted sometimes or even call a state as soon as its polls close.  Technology is just amazing as far as info at our fingertips goes.  I showed them how a candidate could win the electoral college and thus win the presidency in spite of the fact they may lose the popular vote.  This was easy to show as at many points Obama led in Electoral but trailed popular.  I showed them how every state had so many electoral votes based on population and of course let them know California was the biggest prize but not necessarily a decision maker.   I talked to them about projections changing as they did in the Bush-Gore election in Florida when Florida had been called for Gore yet Bush ended up winning* it.  I didn't think or I would have pulled up the old pic of Truman holding the paper that said Dewey wins.  That would have been a good history/ political lesson.  I also went over how I felt about voting.  I let them know voting is personal and the great thing about it is noone can force them to vote one way or another.  I let them know they should never be afraid to vote for how they believe and never let anyone tell them how they should vote and never vote a certain way just to make someone happy.  I let them know I would never expect them to vote a certain way just because I do.   That is the way I was raised and would want them to know that.  I also let them know do not let anything bother them for to long if someone they like loses or someone they could not stand wins as that is going to happen at times because that is how our process works. 

It was fun and I believe Kris and I were able to explain without bias.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day

I voted early this morning.  I was in line waiting at 7 am for polls to open.  I believe every American who is entitled to vote should.  I know many people don't believe that as they are afraid of their vote but to me its one of the greatest freedoms we have.  I would like to see the choices become more multi party and not just the two major parties.  I do know there are others on the ballot I mean it would be better for our country if the presidential election looked more like many local elections with several candidates getting in the 20% range.  Unfortunately many Americans who may want to choose another candidate feel it would be a wasted vote.  The only wasted vote is the one not made.  And yes I do realize that is just my opinion.  Do not misunderstand,  I do not mean to imply that people should be forced to vote, I just believe its a mistake to not vote.  I also do not subscribe to the addage "If you don't vote you can't complain"  .  I believe very strongly in the freedom of speech.  Just some random thoughts on this election day.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Fall and All

This is one of my favorite times of the year.   No Not Election time.  Fall and Winter.  I love the cooler weather.   I love the Holidays.  I have started my fall/winter candy making.  I already made the basic fudge.   Next I am thinking Almond Roca or Nutella fudge.  I told Kris she can take care of cookies.  I am hoping my kids will have some of the same type memories I have of this time of year.  Cookies, candies, decorations always filled our house this time of year.  Music too.  As the song goes "Its the most wonderful time of the year"...Candy making is my favorite though as its so precise as far as how long to boil and/or what temp to boil to.  The way you can change the consistencies by changing the temp or time.  Peanut Brittle time is here also.  I will try not to make same mistake as last time.  After spreading out in a pan I sat the pan on the stove, forgetting the burner was still hot and cooked some of it a litlle more.   Always something.   Thank you Mom and Dad for all the great memories from this time.  Thank you for all the hard work.


I Love my Kids!!!!!!  They just make my day with their personalities, smiles, sense of humor...

Just sayin....

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Achieving correctness

Has anyone else noticed that truth has gone out the door, even with the people we most expect to stand for it?  It amazes me how much people will lie and even when confronted with proof otherwise they do not care.  There seems to be an underlying attitude its ok to lie as long as the intent is good.  It seems to be even worse now that we can communicate with so many people at once with the internet.  I have seen many posts from both sides of the aisle as well as other types of non political posts that with just a few seconds of fact checking the person who posts could have elected to do the right thing and not repost. 

What about basic manners these days.  What is happening there?  Its happening with both young and old alike too.  My opinion is apologizing is never a bad thing.  It doesn't necessarily admit guilt just shows some remorse.   But many people will say apologizing is something a weak person does.  If they believe that then tha is obviously their right but many times I think its just said so they have an excuse not to apologize.  Of course that tends to lead to another problem.  An apology is never enough for the wronged person or group.  It seems noone can accept a simple I am sorry I was wrong they want the offenders proverbial head.  Some of Jesus last words as a man were an apology for us and he was NOT weak and really had no reason to ask for our forgiveness to the father as he died for us.  And when one receives an apology the I can forgive but not forget attitude seems less like an acceptance and more like an admonishment.   Doesn't seem like on the surface they have truly forgiven. 

Just some random thoughts and opinions.   Blogging to vent....LOl

Friday, October 26, 2012

General stuff

Well on the home front, I am down to 196 lbs.  I feel great.  My biggest problem is I would like to eat some no-no foods once in a while but I am terrified of falling off the wagon completely so to speak.  We did go out to Casa Lupe the other day and I did fine the next few days, but not sure if that will always be the case.  The kids are great.  L never stops talking from when she wakes up until she goes to sleep.  K-3 is getting over a cold.  K-7 is her usual princess self.  J struggles with school and I do not believe he has a good teacher for him this year.  C is doin great inschool and will not put a book down for anything.  E can do well if he chooses to but is always a battle when it comes to school.  We have our own little Bible studies in our house on Sundays to teach the kids the Word without the bias of religion. 

Kris is still going to school and working full time.  I have a couple houses in escrow but nothing closing any time soon.  I also have one listed.  There is no work at the pool store at the moment so I have not been going there.   Aslan has had some growths removed but no issues so far. 

I do not have much venting at the moment .  Holidays are coming....My favorite time of the year.

See just random thoughts.....

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Church and politics

I heard a major evangelist is buying ads for this election.  Will have to see if the reports are true.  Claims are they are not pushing any candidate but just going to remind people to vote for the man who upholds biblical principles.  That in and of itself could be ok if it ended there , but then they go on and cherry pick the biblical principles.  They say the candidate that believes in the sanctity of life, the candidate that believes marriage is between a man and a woman, etc.  Sound like a certain candidate is being pushed?  You decide.  What about a candidate who believes the Biblical principles there is only one God?   What about a candidate who believes the Holy Bible is complete and true with the Old Testament and New Testament and no additions after that?  What about the candidate who believes Jesus is God, and always has been, and is a manifestation of the one true God?What about a candidate that believes the Bible does not say we can be raised up to Godhood one day?  What about a candidate who believes the Biblical principles of helping the sick, needy, poor, widows, orphans, "the least of these"?  Bible also says Put your faith in no man. 

My point here is not to argue for any major candidate since neither major candidate may fit this description necessarily.  The point is there is a lot of interpretation involved in what the Bible teaches us and when the leaders of a particular church step in, we may be subjected to a biased version of the Word.  Even Jesus believed in the separation of Church and State.   I do believe our laws should reflect Gods laws but, As we are told, our thoughts are not his thoughts.

If you read this, understand these are just my thoughts and my way of venting them.  Not intended for argument sake.

(A quick note.  I am not convinced these ads are really coming from the man they claim.  He is very old and has not taken strong stands in the past in politics, but instead was dedicated to teaching the Gospel.  He has an heir who is getting to be very political and is probably pretty much in charge.  I know a prayer was circulated a few years back and attributed to this evangelist even though it was proven again and again it was not his prayer.)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

2 years

Yes its been two years since I blogged.  I am on a diet again, actually more of a life change.  A heart attack will do that to a person.  I am down to 209 now.  I have reduced sodium, fats, saturated fats, processed sugars, cholesterol, while increasing whole grains.   A friend gave us a home gym that I have started working out on. 

The kids are doing well too.  Evan is home schooled and doing OK.  Takes some work sometime getting him to do his work.  Caylum is showing extreme gifts in math and reading.  Jarod is doing great when we can read his problems to him.  Kiara does well also.  Leila and Kian are still not in school yet.  Leila has a speech impediment that the school is going to start working on.  We have discovered several of the kids have cholesterol issues, but the indication is its a heredity problem.  That is being worked on diet wise.  I am working real estate full time and work in a pool store part time.  Kris is working for a veterinary hospital part time and going to school full time.  Aslan, our lab, still thinks hes a puppy and is just plain crazy.  He recently had some lumps removed and a lot of tissue rremoved where a spider had bit him. 

Election coming up and not crazy about either major candidate for President.  I am also not a fan of the hatred and lack of respect for the right to an opinion being spewed from constituents on both sides.  I will have to take a good look at the third party candidates on our ballot.  I do NOT believe your status as a Christian automatically determines your vote as both major candidates have stances that I believe are anti-Biblical and stances that are pro Biblical.  I believe this is one reason we are told to put our faith in NO man.  And that No Man is Good.  These are just my opinions and I am not looking for comment especially since most likely it will be a comment or opinion I have heard before.  I believe the best thing for both major candidates would be to stop talking, and even more so for their VP's.

Dad has been in pain with his arm, but sounds like he will be seeking surgery to try and fix it.  Mom pretty much has heart issues daily, but since shes mom it doesn't stop her much.  I actually understand that better now.  You don't wanted to be treated like an invalid or like you are on deaths door, but at times you have a better understanding how fleeting life can be.  Neither of them can stand not working.  With mom its yard work, etc., with dad its going to a job where he can make a difference.  Mom has a job now too.

Thats what I got...See ya in two more years...LOL