Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Leaky toilet

Question...How long does it take to fix a leaky toilet. Answer...I dont know its still leaking.

About three weeks ago I started working on the tank on my toilet in the master bath. I could see the shank washer between the flapper and tank had worn a lot so I just figured I'd remove the tank and replace it. I bought the part and took the tank off the stool. Thats when I realized the tank bolts had rubber washers that were wearing too as well as a washer on the line that leads to the tank. So the next day back to HD and pick up those parts. When I wenrt to work on it that evening I discovered the nut on the bottom of the tank had not been hand tightened but wrench tightened. If youve done this then you realize most people dont have a wrench that large lying around, and of course I am some people. SO IT SAT. Yup disassembled. I was going to finish up the next weekend, but that was the weekend of my sisters FIL's funeral. Finally, last weekend, I bought all new internals and washers, and a wrench, and got to work. I got everything replaced and fixed, put it back together, cleaned the bathroom up and voila, it worked, that is until I noticed the small pool of water forming towards the back corner. i am hoping i just need to tighten the flapper nut a little more.

Thats my weekend HOWS YOURS>>>