Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving was great

Had a great day Thanksgiving.  So happy to have mom and dad join us for the day.  The food was great.  I really liked the pies I made but Kris' Lemon pie with a shortbread crust was my favorite.  The kids loved the ham and turkey.  I had dad put together a small container of Penuche and Divinity and Almond Roca to take with him.  Gotta love that Penuche.  Evan was really liking the divinity.  The rolls mom brought were delicious too.  Kris made artichoke dip for snacking so I didn't make the artichoke casserole after all.  It was a great anniversary too.  We all visited most of the time.  Dad told the kids the story of him and Uncle Coy being chased by the wild pigs and climbing to the top of  a tree only to have it bend back down to the ground. 


David/Sue said...

Thank you for the wonderful Meal. It was delicious. Dad loved telling his stories to the kids, He just hope they never forget where they came from, or where he came from. Life is a gift, we should all cherish, Good times and Bad times make us who we are.

Sher said...

I guess I don't know what penuche is, but then I never really ate the fudge.

Kenny said...

Its brown sugar fudge