Friday, November 09, 2012

San Francisco

Took the kids to San Francisco yesterday.  They had a blast.  We went to the exploratorium first where they could learn about all types of different science info.  Then we took the down to fishermans wharf.  We realized where we were parked we were close to ghiradelli square.  Then we walked to the wharf.  By then the kids were starving so we swung in to a Burger king and got them burgers.  From there we went on to Pier 39 and walked through a few shops and to the end of the pier.  Pointed out alcatraz to them as well as a world war 2 sub you could see a couple piers over.  They had a really great Ireland shop on the Pier.  As we walked back we stopped to watch a guy who was painting pictures and selling them.  The amazing part is he was doing it all with spray paint.  The only items that were not frehanded were licensed products such as the 49ers symbol.   We were going to take them to Lombard but it was getting late and it was rush hour plus we still had one more stop to make in Walnut Creek.  Evan had seen the San Francisco Creamery on a couple of Food Network shows and has always wanted to go and order the Kitchen Sink.  It is 8 GIANT Scoops of Ice Cream with 8 toppings plus whip cream, nuts, and cherries. 

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Sheri said...

how much of the sundae was eaten