Friday, November 09, 2012

I am my kids friend

I have heard so many parents say.  I tell my kids I am NOT their friend.   I disagree.  I AM my kids friend.  That and so much more.  To me it is one of the many things we have to be as parents.  Being their friend does not mean you would let them get away with anything they shouldn't do.  If you think about what a true friend would be then as a good parent you are most likely the ultimate friend.  We are also their parnet, counselor, job adviser, disciplinarian, spiritual teacher, teacher, chef, maid, laundromat, banker, grocery store, etc. etc.  but in no way are you not their friend.  Now I realize by another parents definition of a friend then they in fact may be correct they are not their kids friend.  Just another thought for today.

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