Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day before Thanksgiving

I woke up this morn and made some Almond Roca before heading out to RE office.  I will be making divinity and penuche fudge too.  To get ahead on the dinner I will also make the two pies I have planned and the mashed potato casserole.  Kris is also making a pie.  Then tomorrow it will mostly be throw the turkey and ham in the oven.  Finish the casseroles, make the green beans and Collard greens.  All simple stuff.  So looking forward to everyone being home and mom and dad being here.  Just a day to breathe.  I tried to find some regular chex mix but the store was out and I do not feel like making it myself.  I remember before you could buy it in stores, when we used to go to Aunt Nells she always had some homemade.  I love the stuff.  We will have cocktail weinies, pita w/hummus, crackers and dip and honey roasted peanuts to snack on.  If the kids are hungry by dinner I have not done my job...LOL  I pray everyone has a Great Thanksgiving. 

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