Sunday, December 02, 2012

Tis the season

Christopher Pop-in-kins showed up last night sometime.  probably came in on the wind.  Kids noticed him first thing.  We went out last night and got me a new phone.  No I didn't get an I-phone or a galaxy.  I got a Motorola Atrix.  I am a tightwad when it comes to that.  I can't see spending 150 dollars on a phone, especially when they already get their monthly payment from us.  It also came with a  100 dollar gift card from Walmart.  Its pretty cool, but it will take me a while to get used to the features (The phone not the gift card).  Definitely added the insurance this time.  My latest candy is a milk chocolate fudge with caramel and walnuts.  Kris starts finals later this week, and finishes up next week.  She has loaded on the extra credit to help keep her grades up as much as possible. 

I went to a couple foreclosure auctions this week.  It was fun.  A broker I do some work for here in town asked me to go to one in Tehama.  I went and bid on a house for him but we didn't get it.  I thought we were going to but then it escalated to high for his blood.  Then the next day he wated to go bid on one in Willows and since the checks were already in my name he had me go with him.  That one never auctioned so we didn't even get a shot.  It was a fun experience though. 


David/Sue said...

NIce, I need Christopher here. Your Dad is bad sometime.
Me?? No Never.

sher said...

I wish an elf would visit my house but they never make it this far...

Whatcha' gonna spend the $100 on?! More candy makin' goodies?!