Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Thoughts...Literally

Been busy times at our house. Kris finished a 7 straight night run at work Sunday night. I did overhauls on kids rooms as far as cleaning putting away toys, organizing movies. We caught up all the laundry, trying to stay ahead of it. Its the putting away thats a pain. The kids have more clothes than drawers.

E goes to his environmental camp next week. a little anxious around our house.

I prefer the King James Version of the Bible to other versions I have read from.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mondays here

It was a good weekend. Went to a halloween party Saturday night. Lots of fun. Then did some cleaning Sunday morning. Mom and dad came by Sunday afternoon and stayed for supper.

Tonight Kris goes back to work, thats no fun. Seems like we have to rush to feed the kids and get them in bed, so we can get the baby to sleep before she leaves. Then I am waking up in the morning and getting ready when she gets home and takes back over. She doesn't get to sleep though because by then its time to get kids off to school.

The diets going well so far. I am down 41 pounds since Aug. 4th. Kris has lost weight also. Not that she really had much to lose.

We are still taking turns reading to the kids from the Bible. They don't let us forget. E and J have been learning about jesus and John while K and C have been learning from Genesis. (I figure need to stress creationism as both major candidates believe in evolution.)

The weather has been great. I love the high 70s and low 80s. perfect weather.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday yay...

Its Saturday. Kris doesn't work again until Mon night. We have our yearly Halloween party tonight at Ben and Hollys. Always a lot of fun with lots of games.

Customer left the store a little while ago after leaving a deposit for an in stock pool. Its been a long drought since the last sale. Thats why had to lay off two very good workers and friends yesterday.

Kris picked up our costumes. I don't think this one will have as much of an impact as people are used to. Pics will come tomorrow I am sure.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Its Friday. For some people I guess. Have a Halloween party tomorrow night. That should be fun.

I laid off two employees today. Lack of work. Not any fun there. Not just employees but friends with families to support.

Kids are still doing great. L sleeping better and better every night. I think she has got used to when momma get home and sleeps until close to then.

E woke me up this morning and said there was something green glowing on his bed next to his pillow. Me being the protecting father that I am did what any great dad would do. "well move your pillow to the other end of the bed and I will check it out in the morning." Just light from something I am sure.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good nights

L has pretty much slept all night the last two nights. So nice.

E may need glasses. Kris is gonna take him to Sears soon and have his eyes checked.

All the kids are doing well though. They are all good kids too. Big Hearts.

Work stinks. I have to lay off 2 guys tomorrow. Both have families to provide for. Where's their bailout? LOL

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday it is

ITs Monday again. I Know God gives us our Mondays so that we can truly understand our Fridays. Whatever day they fall on for you.

Kris was off last night.. Shes off again tonight. We both get rest that way.

Really didn't do much this weekend. To cold and windy for kids to be outside. Kris was catching up on rest all day. Mostly just caught up on some of our shows we like to watch but don't get to for various reasons.

Kris made the kids tortilla pizzas for dinner last night..They only ate about 4 a piece. LOL

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Sunday

Yay!! Kris is home for next couple nights. Shes gettin a little extra sleep right now. I am sure she is thrilled too. I got up and fixed the kids some eggs this morning. K3 wanted cereal and milk though.Drinking my morning coffee. Now I am talking about actual coffee, not a glass full of creamer with a hint of coffee flavor. The closest I come to that is either buying flavored coffee beans or I put a couple lids of extract in the pot.


You happy now. You got mentioned.

J suddenly has this great interest in drawing and coloring. Hes always grabbin a pad and some pencils and crayons . Certainly didn't get an artistic side from me.lol...

Later all

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good News from Washington

My brother and his wife got some good news finally. God is good. Now hopefully they make the most of this opportunity. How did that song go..."get on your knees and fight like a man".

Mom has been sick. I don't think it was just the flu or cold mom I think it was stress. You have always told us to let God handle things. If you are stressing you are not truly letting God handle it, Let go and wonder at what He can do for you.

Kris has worked 5 straight GY's with one to go, I am tired so I know she is. The good part is L and I are bonding...LOL.

E has been coming out of his shell so much this year. He wants to be in everything. I have been reading to him and J about Jesus and John at night. J asks me every day, Are you gonna tell us more story tonight? "Yes". "Oh Yay". I know as Christians we need the fellowship, but the modern churches have created their straw Gods so I am not sure I trust them to teach my kids.

I started reading Genesis to the younger two. I sat On C's bed last night to read and when I finished K says OK now my turn sit on my bed to read. I will tomorrow night I told her. Sleepy time now . So you know...E and J share a room and C and K share a room.

I am afraid Cay is getting bored because school is so easy for him. Gonna have to keep our eyes open just in case.


Hadn't said anything about him and didn't want him to feel left out. LOL

L is such a happy baby. She flies around the house in her walker.

Gonna close for now.