Thursday, November 01, 2012

Achieving correctness

Has anyone else noticed that truth has gone out the door, even with the people we most expect to stand for it?  It amazes me how much people will lie and even when confronted with proof otherwise they do not care.  There seems to be an underlying attitude its ok to lie as long as the intent is good.  It seems to be even worse now that we can communicate with so many people at once with the internet.  I have seen many posts from both sides of the aisle as well as other types of non political posts that with just a few seconds of fact checking the person who posts could have elected to do the right thing and not repost. 

What about basic manners these days.  What is happening there?  Its happening with both young and old alike too.  My opinion is apologizing is never a bad thing.  It doesn't necessarily admit guilt just shows some remorse.   But many people will say apologizing is something a weak person does.  If they believe that then tha is obviously their right but many times I think its just said so they have an excuse not to apologize.  Of course that tends to lead to another problem.  An apology is never enough for the wronged person or group.  It seems noone can accept a simple I am sorry I was wrong they want the offenders proverbial head.  Some of Jesus last words as a man were an apology for us and he was NOT weak and really had no reason to ask for our forgiveness to the father as he died for us.  And when one receives an apology the I can forgive but not forget attitude seems less like an acceptance and more like an admonishment.   Doesn't seem like on the surface they have truly forgiven. 

Just some random thoughts and opinions.   Blogging to vent....LOl

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David/Sue said...

Well I love your venting, You put it so eloquently. All you say is true. An apology can sometime heal the one apologizing.:" The hardest thing to give away, The last thing on our mind today, "Forgiveness"