Saturday, December 02, 2006

Doctors appointment

Finally had my checkup yesterday...First physical in a while...and just as I was afraid...I dont have a fat virus...No antibiotics to prescribe...On a more serious note though, he said everything looked good my cholesterol is low(160)..Triglycerides(115)...weight down 33 from last timr I saw him (actually 49 since starting SP)...Even my blood pressure was good...Plust all the other internal checks and tests he performed he said looked great.... I wish I had known they would want to do a pee in a cup test...I wasnt ready when I got there so it took 2 hours to finally build up to a stream... and I hadnt eaten since 7 pm the night before and finally ate at 11 AM needless to say my head was roaring the rest of the day...Admittedly though I am very pleased with the results...The only thing he recommended was to bring my good cholesterol up some more. Thanks you SP for all you have done Even more though thank you GOD.