Saturday, December 29, 2012


I went to a friends funeral yesterday.  He was one of the first agents at our office that came up and offered help.  I still remember the first time he came up to me was outside the old office, he introduced himself and offered any help he could give.  His name was Jeff and he was Charles age.  He had left real estate a couple years ago but earlier this year his son got his license and started working here.  A couple weeks ago he was here with his son visiting and when he saw me he came right up and started asking how everything was.  He remembered all we had talked about in the past and asked on those items.  Kind as could be.  He was a retired Major, very decorated and even reached the status of Green Beret.  Unfortunately with his military life and time in the Iraq war came his own personal "demons" .  Demons he just couldn't get past. I heard he sought help in different ways.   As I saw the looks on his familys faces at the funeral my heart just ached.  I just pray God touches this family and finds some way to help them through it.  I know he can if they will just seek him.  I do not pretend to imagine what they are going through right now.  I am glad to have met him and known him.  I see a lot of him in his son Jeffrey.  Thats whats on my mind.

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David/Sue said...

Oh that is so Sad. Ken we never know what we can do to help our friends, but I bet talking to you was vital to him at the time, However at times of the lowest, We can not see beyond the minute we are in. I will pray for his family. Losing a Dad is like losing your own life, but life does go on, Just be there for Jeff.