Sunday, May 05, 2013

Just stuff

Kris and I ran the 2 mile mud run yesterday.  It was a blast.  I was way at the back of the pack.  Kris could have finished about 50 ahead of me but after running way ahead she stopped and waited.  The fist mile and a half was mostly running.  Up and down hills and through a deep water hole.  Man that water was cold.  When you looked at it being muddy and all and the hot day you step in expecting warm water, but no it was cold and starts to creep up on you a bit.  Then the last quarter to half mile was mostly obstacles whcih we pretty much just flew through except when we got to one wall with a family helping there kid come across.  It took them at least 5 minutes to get her up and over, yet it would have only  took us only abot 30 seconds to go up and over once we could go.  WE crawled through mud holes under strings, through pipes and over the walls.  For some reason my computer chip band didnt register when we crossed the finish line. 

Evan finished his STAR testing but the kids still have some testing going.  School year is almost up.  Leila will be going next year believe it or not.  Its been 3 years since we had a kid start kindergarten.  This will leave one very lonely boy at home missing his sis. 

Real estate is good.  The market is picking up.