Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Moral Decay

Oh how I long for the days of no sin.  I miss how people used to never commit murder.  How when you would walk down the street everyone would say hi and ask what they could do to help you.  The days are long gone when men would only marry women and have big happy families where the kids would only say yes sir, no sir or ma'am.  It was great when you would tell a child to do something and they would hop right to it with no questions except in wondering what else they could do.  I remember how all music was in praise of God and television was only clean with no perversion whatsoever.  But NOW we live in a world with moral decay.  Not like the days when Cain and Abel used towork together on everything and grew old together with their kids playing together.  Not like the days when God told Adam and Eve what to do and they obeyed without question.  Luckily the Bible never had to mention anything about divorce as its just a creation of modern man.  Husbands and wives stayed together forever because they were always loyal, in love and never did anything to  hurt each other.  All kids in Biblical times were raised by two parents not one because children raised by two parents never did anything wrong.  There was no jealousy of what other people had in those days either for example Jacob and Esau were always looking out for each other.  Yup everything was just fine until those darn liberals introduced moral decay to society. 


Sheri said...

LOL, I was REALLY hoping that was a sarcastic bit and then I got to Cain and Abel and breathed a sigh of relief.

David/Sue said...

I love it, Yes we ruined it all. My lifes goal is to live for God and share my heart with all I meet. I am now having that opportunity. Great Post son. Love you.