Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hot Peppers

Anyone who knows me can tell you I enjoy Hot food, and yes I mean spicy hot. Lucky for me my coworkers didnt all know that. We were having our day before thanksgiving party just before we closed up when my coworker ben called me over and said he'd give me a dollar to eat the pepper Jose (most of our laborers are from Mexico or Guatemala) had. I unfolded the napkin that the pepper lay in to reveal a small orange lantern shaped pepper knowing full well what i was looking at was a habanero, also known as a scotch bonnet, one of the hottest peppers on earth.. Just as I revealed the pepper another coworker, Antonio, chimed in "I'll give you five dollars" At that point it would have been a given but barely had he got those words out when I heard Marvin (thats a Guatemalan name by the way) say I'll give you Fifty dollars as he threw a hundred on the table to show the color of his money. At that point there was no hesitation the pepper was gone in two bites.

How was it?

It was mildly hot, AT FIRST, then the heat just kept increasing. It wasn't the heat in my throat or mouth that was so bothersome It was when it hit my stomach that I started wondering if I had made a big mistake. Jose told me to start taking in lots of sugar, I was chugging the Mountain Dews. It wasn't cutting the heat at all. I went onlinand started researching and found the most common remedy is one I had heard before. I kinda chuckled because I thought it would make the perfect commercial.....


Now anyone who knows me ca also tell you I havent drank milk since I was a baby,

I couldnt get to the mini mart fast enough. How dare anyone be in line when I am trying to buy my milk. I was sipping on the milk as I drove home, larger gulps were making me gag and I sure didnt want that heat coming back up. Yes I polished of the whole bottle and it worked wonders...

There was some burning the next day as the pepper left me... but ultimtely if presented with the same opportunity I would be 56 dollars richer again less the price of a bottle of milk.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Gotta post huh?

We got our new freezer today. An upright with manual dfrost. You know you are a homeowner when you have a fdreezer. Brought it home and unloaded myself. it rocks. will post again soon

Monday, October 17, 2005

yardwork Monday

Gone, gone, gone. Tore out the last of the hedge around our deck....I am sure pics are soon to appear on Kris' blog. Next up Rail around deck, then two foot sidewalk in back yard.

Sunday fun

We got our living room painted yesterday. Mom and dad came down and helped. The boys would heave been everywhere if they hadnt been there. Looks great, Kris has some touching up shes gonna do. Cant wait to carpet it...Mom and Kris went out and picked out some carpet...sounds nice. The boys bed came in and I put it together while Kris and mom finished the painting (and Caylum)...Like i said Kris has some touching up to do.... I am down to 242.0 now...lost another pound and a half, 14 total.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

whats for dinner

We had tacos tonight....No I did not go off my diet. I bought 4 % fat hamburger meat...split up about three ounces cooked among four corn shells... stretched it with 1/2 cup refried beans...I carefully calculate my points. Just gotta know how to work the system.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Week 2

Its week 2 and i am at 243.6. Lost 5 more. This next week is the week itll slow down to about 2 pounds a week. I have lots of yard work to do though to help me burn calories. Getting ready to tear out our backyard deck and sidewalks. Meanwhile in the house we have picked out our paint colors for the living room. Gotta get that done soon too.

Monday, October 03, 2005

week 1=248.6. Its a start. I have to start adding in some exercise this week.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

what to eat

You get creative when the food gets limited. Pickled veges rock.Maybe i should post before and afters on here. gonna try and install a pool this weekend so it should rain.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Once again

Here we go. 256...I had 2 dannon light and fit yogurt smoothies, an apple, a banana, an orange, 3 servings of white beans(yeah Mike right out of the can), weight watchers chicken enchiladas suiza, some pickled brussels sprouts(am i the only one in the world who eats brussel sprouts?), two slices bread,a microwaved potato with nonfat sour cream.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Yesterdays project

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
look close
and here are the after
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
can you tell whats missing?????
and no its not just the roses

Monday, September 05, 2005

Heres the desk

You asked so here they are

The rickety old thing

Another view

Hard at work

Look at my new desk


Sunday, September 04, 2005

1 more coat of paint then add the hardware and we are done...Next up the coffee table
1. Careless Whisper, Wham!
2. Like A Virgin, Madonna
3. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, Wham!
4. I Want To Know What Love Is, Foreigner
5. I Feel For You, Chaka Khan
6. Out Of Touch, Daryl Hall and John Oates

7. Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Tears For Fears
8. Money For Nothing, Dire Straits
9. Crazy For You, Madonna
10. Take On Me, A-Ha
11. Everytime You Go Away, Paul Young
12. Easy Lover, Phil Collins and Philip Bailey
13. Can't Fight This Feeling, REO Speedwagon
14. We Built This City, Starship
15. The Power Of Love, Huey Lewis and The News
16. Don't You (Forget About Me), Simple Minds
17. Cherish, Kool and The Gang
18. St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion), John Parr
19. The Heat Is On, Glenn Frey
20. We Are The World, U.S.A. For Africa
21. Shout, Tears For Fears
22. Part-Time Lover, Stevie Wonder
23. Saving All My Love For You, Whitney Houston

24. Heaven, Bryan Adams
25. Everything She Wants, Wham!
26. Cool It Now, New Edition
27. Miami Vice Theme, Jan Hammer
28. Lover Boy, Billy Ocean
29. Lover Girl, Teena Marie
30. You Belong To The City, Glenn Frey
31. Oh Sheila, Ready For The World
32. Rhythm Of The Night, Debarge
33. One More Night, Phil Collins
34. Sea Of Love, Honeydrippers
35. A View To A Kill, Duran Duran
36. The Wild Boys, Duran Duran
37. You're The Inspiration, Chicago
38. Neutron Dance, Pointer Sisters
39. We Belong, Pat Benatar
40. Nightshift, Commodores

41. Things Can Only Get Better, Howard Jones
42. All I Need, Jack Wagner
43. Freeway Of Love, Aretha Franklin
44. Never Surrender, Corey Hart
45. Sussudio, Phil Collins

46. Strut, Sheena Easton
47. You Give Good Love, Whitney Houston
48. The Search Is Over, Survivor
49. Missing You, Diana Ross

50. Separate Lives, Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin
51. Raspberry Beret, Prince and The Revolution
52. Suddenly, Billy Ocean
53. The Boys Of Summer, Don Henley
54. One Night In Bangkok, Murray Head
55. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free, Sting

56. Obsession, Animotion
57. We Don't Need Another Hero, Tina Turner
58. Material Girl, Madonna
59. Better Be Good To Me, Tina Turner

60. Head Over Heels, Tears For Fears
61. Axel F, Harold Faltermeyer
62. Smooth Operator, Sade

63. In My House, Mary Jane Girls
64. Don't Lose My Number, Phil Collins
65. All Through The Night, Cyndi Lauper
66. Run To You, Bryan Adams
67. Glory Days, Bruce Springsteen
68. Voices Carry, 'Til Tuesday

69. Misled, Kool and The Gang
70. Would I Lie To You?, Eurythmics
71. Be Near Me, ABC
72. No More Lonely Nights, Paul McCartney
73. I Can't Hold Back, Survivor
74. Summer Of '69, Bryan Adams
75. Walking On Sunshine, Katrina and The Waves

76. Freedom, Wham!
77. Too Late For Goodbyes, Julian Lennon
78. Valotte, Julian Lennon
79. Some Like It Hot, Power Station
80. Solid, Ashford and Simpson
81. Angel, Madonna
82. I'm On Fire, Bruce Springsteen
83. Method Of Modern Love, Daryl Hall and John Oates
84. Lay Your Hands On Me, Thompson Twins
85. Who's Holding Donna Now, Debarge
86. Lonely Ol' Night, John Cougar Mellencamp
87. What About Love, Heart
88. California Girls, David Lee Roth
89. Fresh, Kool and The Gang

90. Do What You Do, Jermaine Jackson
91. Jungle Of Love, The Time
92. Born In The USA, Bruce Springsteen
93. Private Dancer, Tina Turner
94. Who's Zoomin' Who, Aretha Franklin

95. Fortress Around Your Heart, Sting
96. Penny Lover, Lionel Richie
97. All She Wants To Do Is Dance, Don Henle
98. Dress You Up, Madonna
99. Sentimental Street, Night Ranger
100. Sugar Walls, Sheena Easton

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Labor Day weekend

Everyone knows what I'm doing this weekend...Desk project...whats on everyone elses agenda for the weekend?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

2 day weekend

I have a two day weekend coming up. Evan and I are gonna sand and repaint dads old desk, plus put some new hardware on it. probably gonna start tearing out these ancient shrubs too if there is time. I dont know where to start on this property, seems like everything i want to do there is something else i have to do first. i have two wood sheds that have to go, fence that needs replaced and repaired, deck that needs removed, garage floor that needs epoxied, plants that need replaced, and on and on, and thats just the outside

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Santa sighting

Where I live there is a high concentration of mid-east religions. Many of the men in these religions believe it is very important to let your beard grow long. This being the case it came as no great surprise when jarod climbed out of our car at the grocery store and hollered "hi, Santa" as one such older gentleman passed by.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I need a vacation....Doesnt anyone take vacations anymore? I remember growing up, it seems like we took a week or two every summer to go somewhere. Every 3 years it was Arkansas, (no seat belts, baby seats, and we slept in the window too by the way), We went to hawaii one year also. A few times we went camping with other families from our same church. I think thats part of whats missing with families these days, Maybe its time to change that. Maybe somewhere they dont have phones or electricity, but I really need to go to Washington before Oklahoma, LOL. I REALLY want to see New York City one day.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The dig

Well the crew arrived at 630 am started digging aroun 7 hole was finished by ten. Thats right we dug a 16x40 pool in 3 hours. Just thought id update

Saturday, August 20, 2005

New house new post

Well everyone keeps saying post it is. We are in our new house. Its awesome. There's something different about mowing your own lawn, cleaning your own yard, Steaming your own carpet. The list goes on. We cant wait to start changing things. But today we are heading to Redding...Digging mom and dads pool tomorrow. Should be delivered sometime next week. I knew they wouldnt go to long without one(well I guess it has been about twenty years actually)

Friday, July 29, 2005

A funny

Out All Night Drinking

An Irishman's been at a pub all night drinking. The bartender finally says that the bar is closed. So he stands up to leave and falls flat on his face. He figures he'll crawl outside and get some fresh air and maybe that will sober him up.

Once outside he stands up and falls flat on his face. So he crawls home and at the door stands up and falls flat on his face. He crawls through the door and up the stairs.

When he reaches his bed he tries one more time to stand up. This time he falls right into bed and is sound asleep.

He awakens the next morning to his wife standing over him shouting at him. "So, you've been out drinking again!!"

"How did you know?" he asks.

"The pub called, you left your wheelchair there again."