Friday, October 26, 2012

General stuff

Well on the home front, I am down to 196 lbs.  I feel great.  My biggest problem is I would like to eat some no-no foods once in a while but I am terrified of falling off the wagon completely so to speak.  We did go out to Casa Lupe the other day and I did fine the next few days, but not sure if that will always be the case.  The kids are great.  L never stops talking from when she wakes up until she goes to sleep.  K-3 is getting over a cold.  K-7 is her usual princess self.  J struggles with school and I do not believe he has a good teacher for him this year.  C is doin great inschool and will not put a book down for anything.  E can do well if he chooses to but is always a battle when it comes to school.  We have our own little Bible studies in our house on Sundays to teach the kids the Word without the bias of religion. 

Kris is still going to school and working full time.  I have a couple houses in escrow but nothing closing any time soon.  I also have one listed.  There is no work at the pool store at the moment so I have not been going there.   Aslan has had some growths removed but no issues so far. 

I do not have much venting at the moment .  Holidays are coming....My favorite time of the year.

See just random thoughts.....

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