Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day

I voted early this morning.  I was in line waiting at 7 am for polls to open.  I believe every American who is entitled to vote should.  I know many people don't believe that as they are afraid of their vote but to me its one of the greatest freedoms we have.  I would like to see the choices become more multi party and not just the two major parties.  I do know there are others on the ballot I mean it would be better for our country if the presidential election looked more like many local elections with several candidates getting in the 20% range.  Unfortunately many Americans who may want to choose another candidate feel it would be a wasted vote.  The only wasted vote is the one not made.  And yes I do realize that is just my opinion.  Do not misunderstand,  I do not mean to imply that people should be forced to vote, I just believe its a mistake to not vote.  I also do not subscribe to the addage "If you don't vote you can't complain"  .  I believe very strongly in the freedom of speech.  Just some random thoughts on this election day.

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