Saturday, October 20, 2012

Church and politics

I heard a major evangelist is buying ads for this election.  Will have to see if the reports are true.  Claims are they are not pushing any candidate but just going to remind people to vote for the man who upholds biblical principles.  That in and of itself could be ok if it ended there , but then they go on and cherry pick the biblical principles.  They say the candidate that believes in the sanctity of life, the candidate that believes marriage is between a man and a woman, etc.  Sound like a certain candidate is being pushed?  You decide.  What about a candidate who believes the Biblical principles there is only one God?   What about a candidate who believes the Holy Bible is complete and true with the Old Testament and New Testament and no additions after that?  What about the candidate who believes Jesus is God, and always has been, and is a manifestation of the one true God?What about a candidate that believes the Bible does not say we can be raised up to Godhood one day?  What about a candidate who believes the Biblical principles of helping the sick, needy, poor, widows, orphans, "the least of these"?  Bible also says Put your faith in no man. 

My point here is not to argue for any major candidate since neither major candidate may fit this description necessarily.  The point is there is a lot of interpretation involved in what the Bible teaches us and when the leaders of a particular church step in, we may be subjected to a biased version of the Word.  Even Jesus believed in the separation of Church and State.   I do believe our laws should reflect Gods laws but, As we are told, our thoughts are not his thoughts.

If you read this, understand these are just my thoughts and my way of venting them.  Not intended for argument sake.

(A quick note.  I am not convinced these ads are really coming from the man they claim.  He is very old and has not taken strong stands in the past in politics, but instead was dedicated to teaching the Gospel.  He has an heir who is getting to be very political and is probably pretty much in charge.  I know a prayer was circulated a few years back and attributed to this evangelist even though it was proven again and again it was not his prayer.)

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