Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Pope

I really am impressed with Pope Francis.  I swear sometimes the man is stealing my thoughts. 

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Just stuff

Kris and I ran the 2 mile mud run yesterday.  It was a blast.  I was way at the back of the pack.  Kris could have finished about 50 ahead of me but after running way ahead she stopped and waited.  The fist mile and a half was mostly running.  Up and down hills and through a deep water hole.  Man that water was cold.  When you looked at it being muddy and all and the hot day you step in expecting warm water, but no it was cold and starts to creep up on you a bit.  Then the last quarter to half mile was mostly obstacles whcih we pretty much just flew through except when we got to one wall with a family helping there kid come across.  It took them at least 5 minutes to get her up and over, yet it would have only  took us only abot 30 seconds to go up and over once we could go.  WE crawled through mud holes under strings, through pipes and over the walls.  For some reason my computer chip band didnt register when we crossed the finish line. 

Evan finished his STAR testing but the kids still have some testing going.  School year is almost up.  Leila will be going next year believe it or not.  Its been 3 years since we had a kid start kindergarten.  This will leave one very lonely boy at home missing his sis. 

Real estate is good.  The market is picking up. 

Monday, April 08, 2013

Casting stones

Lying, stealing, murder, adultery, lust, idol worship, putting God on our money, pledging and saluting the flag, cursing,  graven images, eating pork, eating meat thats not fully cooked, shaving, hair cutting, tattooing, piercing, men wearing earrings, women wearing pants, thinking murderous thoughts, thinking adulterous thoughts, wearing jewelry in church, women speaking out of turn in church, women preaching, pride, hate, calling someone a fool, eating for pleasure, prejudice, judging, gluttony, dishonoring your father and mother in any way, masturbation, vanity, women leaving there head uncovered in church, violence, rape, watching porn, drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs, abortion, not eating healthy, not taking care of the poor, not taking care of the elderly, not taking care of the widows or orphans, not showing love, desiring money, taking Gods name in vain, not keeping the sabbath, coveting, homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, fornication, pre-marital sex, marrying after a divorce, gambling, being with your wife during certain times of the month, children talking back to their parents, laziness, greed, anger, abortion, not abstaining from the appearance of evil, astrology, blasphemy, backbiting, not believing in Jesus, not being baptized, arguing, bitterness, not blessing those that curse you, causing another to sin, not visiting prisoners, accepting a bribe, being carnal, not spanking a disobedient child, not assembling with believers, wearing clothing of the opposite sex, complaining, condemning, conceit, making bad debts, not paying what you owe, not being obedient or subject to your employer, overthrowing  your government, denying Jesus, not honoring the president, provoking your children, not paying taxes, not tithing, witchcraft, wives not submitting to their husbands, worrying, love for inanimate objects, sex for pleasure, arguing scripture.......

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone....
Judge not lest ye be judged....
Vengeance is mine......

The point is not to argue whether those are sins but to remind that all of those are going to be seen by one Christian or another as a sin at one instance or another and by another as not a sin.  Sins were put in the Bible for self reflection not for judging.  It is our duty as Christians to preach and teach about God and about his appearance to us as Jesus and what Jesus died for.  Unfortunately we seem to be preaching about sin from the Pulpit and ignoring grace.  It is OK in my opinion to teach what the Bible says is sin and what sin will do to you, but we have to be careful since there is definitely some potential translation issues and we need to make sure we ask God to show us what we need and what he wants in our life.  Thats why we should read the Bible daily and trust no man not even the preacher at the front of the Church.  I also want to point out I do salute and pledge the flag but I also see how many Christians could perceive this as wrong and I am not completely convinced they are not wrong.  There are scriptures for everything listed that could indicate the item is a sin in spite of the fact Christians will have excuses as to why its not if it doesn't fit our lifestyle to believe it.  I do not exclude myself from this group.  We also shouldnt dwell on this as the Bible tells us to think on that which is good.  Its not so much the fact that I see fellow Christians call out sin as it is the judgemental and condemning tone they use while they have yet to even get the sty out of their own eye. 

These are just my thinking processes, so I know they are all over the place.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not my Sin-drome

Just a play on words.  That's what I see going on today, way to much.  The argument against gay marriage seems mostly to hinge on whether its a sin and that mom and dad couples make better parents.  As far as either of those arguments go, if one truly believes that way, then why are we not battling as hard to outlaw divorce?  If you think homosexuality destroys the nuclear family, then what about fighting just as hard against something that annihilates it.  I have heard the argument that the Bible condones divorce, but thats not really true, it is only in very select situations.  Sounds a lot like the Sty in the eye issue.  I am not arguing for or against here I am just reflecting on what I see as the major problem many so called Christians have in their arguments.  We have a tendency to attack what we see as a major sin over other lesser sins and we seem to see it this way for one simple reason...."Its not our sin".    I heard the argument that if we allow sins to be legal then we become accepting of them.  That may be true, but then lets outlaw tattoos, divorces, other religions, piercings, cursing, fornication, financial gain, and on and on....Not because these are necessarily sins but the Bible doesn't just say avoid evil, it also says we have to avoid the appearance of evil...So even if its not evil but someone may see it that way we should still avoid it.   So , some members of the Jewish faith still see eating pork products, shaving, eating meat thats not fully cooked, eating meat thats not properly blessed, etc., etc, as an abomination....Thats right it was and by some still is considered no different than homosexuality as far as sin goes, So we should avoid these things right.  As I said this is just me thinking out loud.  As Christians we have become so programmed to parrot everything we are taught in church we forget to examine what we are told and ask ourselves, "Is that really what the Bible says"  ....In some cases the answer is Yes, but more often than not the answer is No not completely.    I also think we need to be careful in that even though our laws are supposed to reflect God's laws we are also told His thoughts are not our thoughts and his ways are not our ways.  Another thing we need to be careful of is The state is NOT the Church.  Allowing marriage by the state is not the same as allowing marriage by the church. 

One other thought on this is do not be fooled by the argument being played out in public.  This is not so much about God, sin, and/or the defense of marriage.  This is a pawn being used by a certain faction to hold a political party together.  Without the Christian vote there is extremely strong evidence another political party would have a free ride for many years to come until it splintered off  as will ultimately happen due to evolving opinions.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cay and the Bee

Cay represented his school in the county spelling bee last night.  He made it through 4 rounds and went down in the 5th.  They started with 53 students in 4th-6th grades, Cay being the former.  By the 5th round there were 13 left but 7 went down in that round.  He had fun and reacted well when he was wrong.  He also corrected a judge when he was right....Leave it to Cay.  We are so proud of him.  pamphlet, paleontology, two more words I forget he got right and then sachet brought him down.  He spelled it sashe.  It was a word he was not familiar with.  We told him not to worry just have fun

Monday, March 18, 2013

Been a while

I have written and deleted several blogposts so it hasn't been a long time since I have written only since I have posted.  I am not out to debate I just get frustrated when its obvious people arent looking at the whole picture on things.  Now, whats been up?

First Kris and I ran/walked our first 5K the other day.  More walk than run.  It was called Run or Dye.  They throw powdered dye on you at different stations during the run.  Right out of the gate I got nailed right in the eye and was blinded for a few feet but it was a blast.  And if I had a bucket list 5K would have been on it so I would be scratching that off.  Next up is the Yuba City Mud Run.  That one is only two miles.

On Wednesday we are going to the Sutter County spelling Bee where Cay is representing his school.  Should be fun. 

We have signed Big E up for some workouts with a local fitness club.  This is group training so hopefully he can get some muscle built up.

Jay will be going to camp next week and is so looking forward to it. 

Next commission is going toward the dance classes.  K,L and Jay will all be doing those.  I think Cay would have more fun in something like Big E will be doing but we will figure out something. 

I was reading on my sis' blog about her wanting a Jeep,  I never knew that.  I have always wanted an older Jeep to work on too.  I have a brother in law who works on the old military ones. 

Kris still seems to be moving right along with her classes.  I am proud of her but cant tell her that it will go right to her head...LOL

Monday, February 04, 2013

Just some random ramblings. 

My childhood pastor died.  He was a great friend to our family.  He was also the one who married Kris and I.  He will be missed.

Kris step dad died.  He was humorous.  He enjoyed playing around with the kiddos.  He threw plums at them last time he was here.  He was in a lot of pain in the end due to cancer.  He is not hurting any more.

I also saw the other day where dads friend Jim Cochrane died.  I remember talking to him sometimes when we would go in to Beatty and Associates to see dad.  He was always a nice guy.

Facebook is still the great propagator of lies.  Of course its not facebook itself but the posters.  Noone seems to verify their post.  It pretty much seems they figure if it sounds good repeat it.  Oh well.

C hit double digits recently and L hit 5 years yesterday.  E is recuperating well.  J, K and K3 are all doing well.  K3 still has no real interest in the potty.