Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hot Peppers

Anyone who knows me can tell you I enjoy Hot food, and yes I mean spicy hot. Lucky for me my coworkers didnt all know that. We were having our day before thanksgiving party just before we closed up when my coworker ben called me over and said he'd give me a dollar to eat the pepper Jose (most of our laborers are from Mexico or Guatemala) had. I unfolded the napkin that the pepper lay in to reveal a small orange lantern shaped pepper knowing full well what i was looking at was a habanero, also known as a scotch bonnet, one of the hottest peppers on earth.. Just as I revealed the pepper another coworker, Antonio, chimed in "I'll give you five dollars" At that point it would have been a given but barely had he got those words out when I heard Marvin (thats a Guatemalan name by the way) say I'll give you Fifty dollars as he threw a hundred on the table to show the color of his money. At that point there was no hesitation the pepper was gone in two bites.

How was it?

It was mildly hot, AT FIRST, then the heat just kept increasing. It wasn't the heat in my throat or mouth that was so bothersome It was when it hit my stomach that I started wondering if I had made a big mistake. Jose told me to start taking in lots of sugar, I was chugging the Mountain Dews. It wasn't cutting the heat at all. I went onlinand started researching and found the most common remedy is one I had heard before. I kinda chuckled because I thought it would make the perfect commercial.....


Now anyone who knows me ca also tell you I havent drank milk since I was a baby,

I couldnt get to the mini mart fast enough. How dare anyone be in line when I am trying to buy my milk. I was sipping on the milk as I drove home, larger gulps were making me gag and I sure didnt want that heat coming back up. Yes I polished of the whole bottle and it worked wonders...

There was some burning the next day as the pepper left me... but ultimtely if presented with the same opportunity I would be 56 dollars richer again less the price of a bottle of milk.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Gotta post huh?

We got our new freezer today. An upright with manual dfrost. You know you are a homeowner when you have a fdreezer. Brought it home and unloaded myself. it rocks. will post again soon