Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another month Random thoughts

I can't believe June is almost over. Tomorrow dads gonna be 70. Doesn't look it.
We haven't done any more work on our front patio since Sunday due to the air quality. I also have to figure out what to do with all the rocks that were in there. Its gonna look awesome when finished.
The kids are having a blast with their summer vacation. Last night we all watched Spiderwick. Good movie.
Kris has put in a lot of applications, no call backs yet. Just doing it for a little spending money anyways.
We did discover some really good fried chicken. The chicken that was donated to Evans day camp. Of all places it was Wal-Mart fried chicken.
I need to mow lawns but these dreary days make you feel like you should be inside relaxing.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Evan will be having his third day of cub scout day camp. Hes having a blast. Playin marbles, shootin bb guns, archery, playin games. There is just not enough play time for adults these days. I wanna shoot bb guns and bows and arrows. LOL. The other kids miss him during these times though. I think Kris not only misses having him there but also he is getting more helpful by the day.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day

Hope all had a great fathers day. I know I did. We all went to Home Depot and bought 20 more bags of black bark. Also picked up a few plants. Came back home and all of us were in the front yard pouring the bark onto the weed fabric Kris had laid out Friday. Kris raked as we poured out the bark. Then we went and brought the flagstone around to the area. I started laying it out in a path from the sidewalk to the concrete bench. As we laid it out Kris would move and switch rocks so that it had a more natural flow. Once we had the design down, we started moving the bark underneath the stones to make them flush with surrounding grade. I then placed the plants in the area to see how it would look. They are still in their pots of course. It was starting to get hot and it was Fathers day so we put our tools away and all went in and showered. I am sure Kris will get some pics on her blog soon. It looks great. We still have our solar lights to put out too. Just need to get sprinklers fixed and area in front of kitchen window landscaped and front yard will be done. YAY...We will have to get some more plants in the newly barked area too of course.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The cats NOT in the cradle

Its Fathers day weekend. Being a father five times over has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world. It may be work but thats OK, after all I was taught by the best. Thanks dad.

Working in sawmills, fields, etc. made dad a very strong person, yet he is the gentlest man I know. He wouldn't hurt anyone unless it was to protect a weaker person. Even then only as a last resort. Growing up I remember him chopping through a log for firewood in one swing. I could hack at it for ten minutes before it would split.
He also comes from the old school..."men don't cry" Whenever he would get bad news he rubs his forehead for a second and then gets to work on whatever he needs to do whether its funeral or hospital arrangements. Odds are he will even find room to make someone laugh about then.
He is quick to laugh good joke, bad joke doesn't matter. He loves to laugh. When I find times where things just seem to rough all I have to do is think of my dad and his humor and I smile.
He's young at heart. He is gonna be 70 this year but he loves to walk and talk to his grandkids.
He never has a cross thing to say about the ones he loves. He'll laugh at himself all day long and may tease others but he would never purposely hurt their feelings. And he doesn't judge.

They say to be a Christian by definition is to be Christlike. I know no man who is more of a Christian than dad. Christ preferred hanging out with the poor and the sinners people he felt had a true need for him. Dad is the same way. He would rather spend a month with his clients than a day with some arrogant pompous rich man.
I don't believe dad ever forgets where he came from. He was poor and did without a lot growing up. So many people today pass by that beggar in the street because "he's just gonna use the money to buy alcohol...or drugs" dad would tell you thats not for you to decide only God knows the beggars heart. Dad would give his last penny to make sure one would not go hungry.

So on this fathers day weekend dad I hope you have the greatest fathers day. We love you very much. Thank you for all you have done and all you have taught me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Evan got a realy cool backpack last night. He and another boy are entering their second Webelo year. Since they were the only two not advancing to new rank (Webelos have to work at their rank two years), they both got these expandable backpacks. I am sure Kris will post pics.
Supposed to get to 100 here this week. I am not looking forward to that. Pool weather I guess.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More randomness

We watched a CGI Garfield movie with the kids last night. Cay used to love to watch Garfield with me... I remember him running to the videos yelling "Garfield, Garfield". I also remember to get Ev to sleep I would go to my room with him and put Rugrats on. Time rolls to fast and you feel like your in a tail spin with no control. Evan moves up to his second year of Webelos tonight. Next promotion will be to Boy Scout. Ki is my princess as always. Jar is all smiles...oh to be that carefree...LOL Lei is starting to grasp items . "...and I think to myself, What a wonderful world"

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Starting to warm up here, I can see the triple digits coming. I HATE heat. I really do. Got up this morning and mowed back yard, then picked up the fallen lemons, and a few fallen plums. The plums are going to be getting ripe soon. By the time I finished the back yard the kids were up. Kris and Evan had some scouting to do. They went and cleaned tables at the hall. The other two boys and Kiara stayed with me and we had a Mario Kart tourney...Winner got to keep playing, usually they have to give up controls after two races. It was fun. Looks like dogs tonight for dinner. Kris cleaned my BBQ yesterday and fixed burgers. Love BBQ. Cleanups great also. I still haven't fixed the front yard sprinklers yet. Been puttin out an old fashioned Oscillating one.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Long Week & random thoughts

Wanna know what I hate about holidays? The shorter week always makes the next full week seem so much longer. Sales are way down here. Kris had a coughing fit for two hours last night. I told her to keep it down but she wouldn't listen. Went outside shot a few baskets with the kids. Tonight I will have to have some Kiara time, she doesnt shoot baskets she likes to swing. To shoot baskets I have her hold the ball and pick her up so she can reach but evertime I pick her up she wants to let go of the ball to keep her balance.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday, Monday

I feel very garfieldish today. Yeah thats not a word but it works. We didnt do much yesterday, just kind of ran around town, went to lunch, watched a movie with the kids. The boys all got haircuts. MOHAWKS. I am sure Kris will put up some pics.