Monday, February 04, 2013

Just some random ramblings. 

My childhood pastor died.  He was a great friend to our family.  He was also the one who married Kris and I.  He will be missed.

Kris step dad died.  He was humorous.  He enjoyed playing around with the kiddos.  He threw plums at them last time he was here.  He was in a lot of pain in the end due to cancer.  He is not hurting any more.

I also saw the other day where dads friend Jim Cochrane died.  I remember talking to him sometimes when we would go in to Beatty and Associates to see dad.  He was always a nice guy.

Facebook is still the great propagator of lies.  Of course its not facebook itself but the posters.  Noone seems to verify their post.  It pretty much seems they figure if it sounds good repeat it.  Oh well.

C hit double digits recently and L hit 5 years yesterday.  E is recuperating well.  J, K and K3 are all doing well.  K3 still has no real interest in the potty.


David/Sue said...

Ki is just like EV, On his time, on his plan.
Yes we miss all our friends., Hoep to see the kiddos soon.

Sheri said...

I only met Jim once, that was at your wedding, but I am so sorry for Kris. I am sure it's hard on her.