Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Just me

Been a while I know. The kids are growing so fast. I love to watch there different personalities. Es developing quite a sense of humor. Hes also a lot of help cleaning now. J just loves people, loves to play and have fun. Cay is Mr friendly. At the park we have to watch him he just picks people out and starts talking to them. "Hi I'm Cay" just walks right up and says it. Followed an older couple around yesterday while they were playing with their grandbaby. Then Ki she is a princess and knows it.."watch me dance daddy" her favorite greeting. Sometimes I dance with her of course. Ad finally L she'll wait til she catches your eye then grins and turns her head. I'll never need therapy, just thinking on my kids always helps calm me on stressful days.

I have been tearing out shrubs in the back yard one by one. Makes the yard look even bigger. Don't know what we are going to do with that area but helps clean the area up anyway. That many less rotting leaves in the backyard anyway. Plum season winding down so we don't have as many to pick up as usual.

Kris is taking her English Comp class. Shes not thrilled. Other than that shes doin well. Tired I am sure but well.

School starting soon. Boys are lookin forward to it I think. Also means Scouts starts soon. Jarod gets to join. I think he will love it.

Kris and the other two will get a little girl time. Ki will love that.


Kristina said...

They are happy bout school. Me not so much. I am enjoying sleeping in a little bit. They sent out the Kindergarten teacher orientation lists today. Can't wait to see who hehas.

Anonymous said...

Finally you posted. Yes I can tell you, they grow up TOO fast. Often we long for the days of running ourselves ragged chasing kids.
But could not do it now.