Monday, August 11, 2008

Just another day

Just another Monday on the work front. We've been selling a few pools lately...Finally. Problem is we can't make much money on the sale because the market is so competitive right now with the blowout prices other builders are offering. I start my days here moving cars around front to look like its busy here. Then I go out to our display area and check for cleanliness as well as for weeds. Turn on a few water features to catch peoples attention as they drive by. Fixed some sprinkles this morning.

To my brother and his family, I do think of you and pray for you all every day. As you well know God always has a reason.

This is the kids last week off til school starts. I don't know whos more excited, Kris or the kids.

Went to a Kenyan party the other day. Lots of fun. The kids were wiped out. I visited with a friend of the homeowners, very nice guy, graduated from MIT...I don't think he truly realizes what a major engineering school that is. I was afraid the kids were going to overheat. We had to keep stopping them and make them get water.

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Anonymous said...

So tell us, what is Kenyan food? We are so happy things ae picking up a little. I bet mroe and more people decide Vacations are better at home.