Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July

We had a blast. Had a BBQ at Robert and Ginas. Couldn't hardly keep Cay out of the pool. Someone made a delicious blueberry dish. I love blueberries. We played some redneck horseshoes, visited, the went home early and visited with Sheri and the kids. The neighbor called us and we went over there to light fireworks. FULL DAY. Sher and kids were exhausted and of course not adjusted to our time yet. Of course we were missing Charles and CO. Mike, and Mark. Still lot of fun though. Came to work the next day to find someone broke into the yard and stole a $35000.00 work truck. Sac PD is worthless. My salesman and I rebuilt the fences that were destroyed as best as we could. At the same time we were swamped too.

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Sue or David said...

Right, we had a blast. I never fail to love to visit with Robert and Gina , Matt and John. Mike and Sheryl, Jordan and Ashley. Made me miss my son and family in Federal Way even more. Robert and Matt reminds me of Charles.
Sorry about the truck, I wish we had looked closer when we drove past.