Sunday, June 08, 2008


Starting to warm up here, I can see the triple digits coming. I HATE heat. I really do. Got up this morning and mowed back yard, then picked up the fallen lemons, and a few fallen plums. The plums are going to be getting ripe soon. By the time I finished the back yard the kids were up. Kris and Evan had some scouting to do. They went and cleaned tables at the hall. The other two boys and Kiara stayed with me and we had a Mario Kart tourney...Winner got to keep playing, usually they have to give up controls after two races. It was fun. Looks like dogs tonight for dinner. Kris cleaned my BBQ yesterday and fixed burgers. Love BBQ. Cleanups great also. I still haven't fixed the front yard sprinklers yet. Been puttin out an old fashioned Oscillating one.

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Sue said...

Whoops sent that mail before checking your blog. Anyway do another just to appease me. LOL
Nice weekend.