Thursday, June 05, 2008

Long Week & random thoughts

Wanna know what I hate about holidays? The shorter week always makes the next full week seem so much longer. Sales are way down here. Kris had a coughing fit for two hours last night. I told her to keep it down but she wouldn't listen. Went outside shot a few baskets with the kids. Tonight I will have to have some Kiara time, she doesnt shoot baskets she likes to swing. To shoot baskets I have her hold the ball and pick her up so she can reach but evertime I pick her up she wants to let go of the ball to keep her balance.


Kristina said...

yeahn yeah yeah Blame it alll on me! =) LOL I have decided to keep myself cough medded up. My poor throat is not happy after the coughing. Everytime I clear my throat or cough I taste blood. fun fun

Sue said...

Sounds like fun, so is she going to play little league? Bet she does want to, with three brothers, why Not?

Sheri said...

I always liked holiday weeks when I worked.