Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Evan got a realy cool backpack last night. He and another boy are entering their second Webelo year. Since they were the only two not advancing to new rank (Webelos have to work at their rank two years), they both got these expandable backpacks. I am sure Kris will post pics.
Supposed to get to 100 here this week. I am not looking forward to that. Pool weather I guess.


Sue said...

Yes it is pool weather if only this horrible wind would die down, It blos so hard here I am sure we are losing limbs and we have to leave the unbrellas down.

Kristina said...

If only we had a pool! lol Tell them people to buy 10 pools a day! I would love to post pics of Evans really cool binder thingy. If I only took any. I was up there talking and stuff too so no pics. But I will be sure n snag some from others who tok pics.

Sheri said...

A pool salesman should have a pool. Then he can go on and on about the hours his kids use it and what a great investment it was.