Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day

Hope all had a great fathers day. I know I did. We all went to Home Depot and bought 20 more bags of black bark. Also picked up a few plants. Came back home and all of us were in the front yard pouring the bark onto the weed fabric Kris had laid out Friday. Kris raked as we poured out the bark. Then we went and brought the flagstone around to the area. I started laying it out in a path from the sidewalk to the concrete bench. As we laid it out Kris would move and switch rocks so that it had a more natural flow. Once we had the design down, we started moving the bark underneath the stones to make them flush with surrounding grade. I then placed the plants in the area to see how it would look. They are still in their pots of course. It was starting to get hot and it was Fathers day so we put our tools away and all went in and showered. I am sure Kris will get some pics on her blog soon. It looks great. We still have our solar lights to put out too. Just need to get sprinklers fixed and area in front of kitchen window landscaped and front yard will be done. YAY...We will have to get some more plants in the newly barked area too of course.


Sheri said...

How nice! Landscaping is so far down on our list. I am sure the neighbors wish it was up further.

We had dirt dropped here before the rain started to raise some areas that flood, but it rained as soon as it was now we have a big hill LOL. We'll get it moved eventually.

David said...

Ken that looks great, good job. Cant wait to see it on the fourth.