Monday, March 18, 2013

Been a while

I have written and deleted several blogposts so it hasn't been a long time since I have written only since I have posted.  I am not out to debate I just get frustrated when its obvious people arent looking at the whole picture on things.  Now, whats been up?

First Kris and I ran/walked our first 5K the other day.  More walk than run.  It was called Run or Dye.  They throw powdered dye on you at different stations during the run.  Right out of the gate I got nailed right in the eye and was blinded for a few feet but it was a blast.  And if I had a bucket list 5K would have been on it so I would be scratching that off.  Next up is the Yuba City Mud Run.  That one is only two miles.

On Wednesday we are going to the Sutter County spelling Bee where Cay is representing his school.  Should be fun. 

We have signed Big E up for some workouts with a local fitness club.  This is group training so hopefully he can get some muscle built up.

Jay will be going to camp next week and is so looking forward to it. 

Next commission is going toward the dance classes.  K,L and Jay will all be doing those.  I think Cay would have more fun in something like Big E will be doing but we will figure out something. 

I was reading on my sis' blog about her wanting a Jeep,  I never knew that.  I have always wanted an older Jeep to work on too.  I have a brother in law who works on the old military ones. 

Kris still seems to be moving right along with her classes.  I am proud of her but cant tell her that it will go right to her head...LOL


Sheri said...

You didn't know I wanted a Jeep? I've wanted an old Jeep my entire life. Always loved 'em.

I really want to participate in a Color Run. Right now I am trying to just jog a bit daily. Yikes. I am soooo out of shape! Mads wants to participate but she's made it clear she'd much rather go to the Festival of Colors in India. LOL Imagine that.

Be sure to let us know how Cay does! That's so awesome!

How is Jay doing? Is he a bit clumsy, is that why he's in dance or does he just love it? I only ask because Gavin is SOOO clumsy and they have always been a lot alike.

As for Kris. yeah...she's such a self-centered person. HA!

David/Sue said...

Let us know when we can see the Dance. Yeah Like we can drive very far any longer. We are so tired when we travel. Yeah Kris, Don't tel her but we feel the same way. Would not want her head to swell.,