Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not my Sin-drome

Just a play on words.  That's what I see going on today, way to much.  The argument against gay marriage seems mostly to hinge on whether its a sin and that mom and dad couples make better parents.  As far as either of those arguments go, if one truly believes that way, then why are we not battling as hard to outlaw divorce?  If you think homosexuality destroys the nuclear family, then what about fighting just as hard against something that annihilates it.  I have heard the argument that the Bible condones divorce, but thats not really true, it is only in very select situations.  Sounds a lot like the Sty in the eye issue.  I am not arguing for or against here I am just reflecting on what I see as the major problem many so called Christians have in their arguments.  We have a tendency to attack what we see as a major sin over other lesser sins and we seem to see it this way for one simple reason...."Its not our sin".    I heard the argument that if we allow sins to be legal then we become accepting of them.  That may be true, but then lets outlaw tattoos, divorces, other religions, piercings, cursing, fornication, financial gain, and on and on....Not because these are necessarily sins but the Bible doesn't just say avoid evil, it also says we have to avoid the appearance of evil...So even if its not evil but someone may see it that way we should still avoid it.   So , some members of the Jewish faith still see eating pork products, shaving, eating meat thats not fully cooked, eating meat thats not properly blessed, etc., etc, as an abomination....Thats right it was and by some still is considered no different than homosexuality as far as sin goes, So we should avoid these things right.  As I said this is just me thinking out loud.  As Christians we have become so programmed to parrot everything we are taught in church we forget to examine what we are told and ask ourselves, "Is that really what the Bible says"  ....In some cases the answer is Yes, but more often than not the answer is No not completely.    I also think we need to be careful in that even though our laws are supposed to reflect God's laws we are also told His thoughts are not our thoughts and his ways are not our ways.  Another thing we need to be careful of is The state is NOT the Church.  Allowing marriage by the state is not the same as allowing marriage by the church. 

One other thought on this is do not be fooled by the argument being played out in public.  This is not so much about God, sin, and/or the defense of marriage.  This is a pawn being used by a certain faction to hold a political party together.  Without the Christian vote there is extremely strong evidence another political party would have a free ride for many years to come until it splintered off  as will ultimately happen due to evolving opinions.


Sheri said...

Rah! I am not sure about the last paragraph (meaning I haven't heard that and need to read more to understand what you are saying,not that I disagree!) but as for the rest...Absolutely!

And so much better than my post on gay marriage that I never posted. It said "Things I am supposed to hate that I dont...same-sex marriage."

Yeah. Really really wordy that day!

David/Sue said...

Man you all make me think and I do NOT want to think.
Yes One major party member was asked, "Do you see a future Nominee coming out for Gay Marriage?"
His respone, "Yes I do,"
You should have heard the back tracking. it was so Not what I meant thing.