Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Thoughts...Literally

Been busy times at our house. Kris finished a 7 straight night run at work Sunday night. I did overhauls on kids rooms as far as cleaning putting away toys, organizing movies. We caught up all the laundry, trying to stay ahead of it. Its the putting away thats a pain. The kids have more clothes than drawers.

E goes to his environmental camp next week. a little anxious around our house.

I prefer the King James Version of the Bible to other versions I have read from.


Sheri said...

Really? I much prefer NIV. I like to keep KJV handy, but NIV is easier for me to understand.

Anonymous said...

I too love the KJV, it is hard to understand and maybe I like it because it seems original.
I am proud of you for helping out. You are a good Man. Of course, I raised you. Or we raised you.
Laundry, you need more dressers or something or even boxes that will stack in teh closet, oh yes no room the closet is full of videos and CDs. LOL
Love you

Sheri said...

Oh and I agree about the clothes. We pass things down from boy to boy (You probably do too) which just exacerbates the problem.

Kristina said...

Looking for jeans this am for the boy's 50 days I came to the shocking conclusion they all grew like weeds this summer! They will have much less clothes once i go through it all. sigh..