Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good nights

L has pretty much slept all night the last two nights. So nice.

E may need glasses. Kris is gonna take him to Sears soon and have his eyes checked.

All the kids are doing well though. They are all good kids too. Big Hearts.

Work stinks. I have to lay off 2 guys tomorrow. Both have families to provide for. Where's their bailout? LOL


Anonymous said...

True work stinks at times. Been there done that. Glad L is sleeping good. I miss the kids, we may be down this weekend. Sunday. Dad wants to see Retha and since sunday is your day off, it looks like sunday. Not sure so dont look for us until the kids Yell, Mamaw Papaw.!!!!!

Sheri <---the best sister ever said...

Tell me about it!! I keep thinking if they had sent that bailout to the people who actually work the entire economy would change. But then again, would it? Or would people have abused it? Most likely the latter.

Come over for dinner...I'm making panini. It's be ready at 5:30!

Can you believe that we've made it this far without a pair of glasses (with the exception of the pair M wore for 6 months to help correct her dyslexia)? Geesh, Mike is blind as a bat and I'm not far behind. LOL