Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good News from Washington

My brother and his wife got some good news finally. God is good. Now hopefully they make the most of this opportunity. How did that song go..."get on your knees and fight like a man".

Mom has been sick. I don't think it was just the flu or cold mom I think it was stress. You have always told us to let God handle things. If you are stressing you are not truly letting God handle it, Let go and wonder at what He can do for you.

Kris has worked 5 straight GY's with one to go, I am tired so I know she is. The good part is L and I are bonding...LOL.

E has been coming out of his shell so much this year. He wants to be in everything. I have been reading to him and J about Jesus and John at night. J asks me every day, Are you gonna tell us more story tonight? "Yes". "Oh Yay". I know as Christians we need the fellowship, but the modern churches have created their straw Gods so I am not sure I trust them to teach my kids.

I started reading Genesis to the younger two. I sat On C's bed last night to read and when I finished K says OK now my turn sit on my bed to read. I will tomorrow night I told her. Sleepy time now . So you know...E and J share a room and C and K share a room.

I am afraid Cay is getting bored because school is so easy for him. Gonna have to keep our eyes open just in case.


Hadn't said anything about him and didn't want him to feel left out. LOL

L is such a happy baby. She flies around the house in her walker.

Gonna close for now.


Sheri said...

So Charles got mentioned...Mom...Dad...sigh...I know where I rate. LOL

Anyway, Just keep looking for churches you'll find one, since you aren't sure you trust a church to teach your children right you should look into family churches where the kids go to service with you. I like my kids in service with me, but I also like that they go to Sunday School first so I can grow on my own. BUT I totally know what you mean.

Anonymous said...

I am sure stress contibuted to some of it but I really was sick. Sleeping a lot. C will get bored but he LOVES schoo. Dad is doing great, especially right now Stevan Segal is on and Dad is snoring away. LOL
L is adorble and isnt it great you are getting to spend time with them One on One? K is such a charmer. E, Is he going to camp? Kris will be so glad to get this rest, but I figured this would happen. she is very smart and they recognized that immediately. I warned her they would want more than she could give.
So good coffee huh? kIss the kids for us.