Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Not enough time

It seems like something always comes up lately when we are trying to plan out our front yard. The smoke kept us in a few days. The lawns were getting to thick so I mowed those yesterday instead of working on the front patio area. I did finally pull out the Gerbera daisies. I don't know why anyone would plant those on purpose. I tried to edge the lawn, but I think my weed edger is broke. I havent been able to find the parts to fix my front sprinkler valves so we have been watering manually. We still haven't built Evans bed. I still have a few bricks left to get out of the back yard from our fireplace and mow strip demolition.
As I was mowing yesterday I looked around the corner at our fruit trees and couldn't believe the sea of plums on the ground, not to mention how loaded the branches were. I see lots of plum butter in dads future...LOL


Sheri said...

at least you are accomplishing things though, as long as you see some progress that's good, right?!

Sue or David said...

I have an idea on the plums, Bag them up, set them out front, (after I get mine), and sell them. POST a sign, Let the boys sell the plums you bag up. Boys can make a little money and they can do it while you are in the yard workin. That way you can keep an eye on them. They will be learing while getting rid of your plums. Oh yes Gwena will want some too so I will be bringing lots home.