Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sunny Cal

Suns here...Looking more like spring everyday...Evans enjoying baseball...learned to play up the crowd when he doesnt get a hit...sulks quite well...The one thing i really do like about the sun is I can break out the BBQ... I like to BBQ...doesnt everyone. Hopefully pool sales will start going up now too.


Kristina said...

now to buy some charcoal and pray the sun stays it is spose to rain fri sat and sun =(... bad rain BAD! lol

Sue said...

Hope it doesnt rain on sat or Sun, I too need some sunshine, Think that is the reason I have been sick, A full season much rain, maketh one week. (or is it 6 mos of rain maketh one weak.)

Sheri said...

We had to leave our BBQ in California. I tell you, I am going through BBQ withdrawls. I SO miss dad's Steaks on the Q. good.