Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Birthday party

Kiaras party was a lot of fun. Couple of the guys from work made it with their wives and families. Mom and dad were there. Mark and Jenel swung by since they were in the area.. Mike and sheryl and the kids even made it by. Kiara likes attention as long as shes clinging to mommy. Kris had mowed the lawns Friday and Saturday so all I had to do was edge them. It was the first mow of the season so she was sore a couple days. It was just a very nice day overall everyone was helping..................................We also got our carpet and tile ordered last week. One of my coworkers used to do floors in Colorado and still has all his tools, so hes gonna put the carpet in for me...I really want to do the tile myself just to prove I can...He has offered to do that too though...He said instead of replacing baseboards and the coving in the kitchen he will just cut the tile and make trim out of that. (its good to know people who can do things)...Speaking of which thanks mom and dad for the help in purchasing the carpet.


Sheri said...

You updated your blog! oh my goodness! Happy first birthday Kiara. I can't beleive she's one. And SO awesome about the carpet and your friend helping! Wahoo!!

Sue said...

Now you need to take Clark up on the tile job. Believe me it is not a picnic. And you have lots more to do than we did.
Take all the help you can get and I do need to bring the boys here for the weekend, there is no way you can put down thin set, place tile, with spacers, rip up the entry tile with little boys helping. plus staying off the tile for 24 hours. Big JoB