Monday, October 17, 2005

yardwork Monday

Gone, gone, gone. Tore out the last of the hedge around our deck....I am sure pics are soon to appear on Kris' blog. Next up Rail around deck, then two foot sidewalk in back yard.


Anonymous said...

Ken...this is your blog talking...please update me...I am lonely.

Kristina said...

hey youv ben GHOSTED!!!!

Sue said...

Hey Ken you need to post, I look every day but Nothing Nothing. Get on it buddy. MOM

Sheri said...

Helloooooo out there
is anyone there?

Update your blog dude!

Hey, I saw a pillow yesterday that made me think of you (not that i Think you are shaped like a pillow or anything...and anyway it was a throw pillow, not a body pillow..BBAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Anyway it said "I am smiling because you are my brother, and laughing because you can't do anything about it."

yes I love me SO much! LOL

Oh one more thing...beautiful kids! Love the pics.

Sue said...

OK I am tired of going to HOW HE TICKs and not finding out how. So post!!!! Please!