Monday, August 23, 2010

That Time Again

Gonna start a new diet. Just that time again. Fun Fun Fun. Kids are doing great. L wants to be just like her big sister. K the baby wants to follow his siblings everywhere but still puts everything in his mouth. K the 5 yr old loves school and her new teachers. C always loves school. J is enjoying hos new teacher and loves his new dog. E is a big 7th grader now, hard to believe, He is growing up which causes some friction with him and J but thats brothers. Kris is loving her new job. I am still trying to find one. If I could close a big house deal that would help too of course. LIFE IS GOOD>>>>>GOD IS GREAT

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Anonymous said...

And you are so blessed. Just look around you. We are so proud of you Son. As long as you keep God at the forefront you will always be blessed.
Good luck on the diet, best way is push aways, Just push away from the table. Cut consumption in half.
Love you,