Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lots of fun

I know its been a bit. Kris has kept you up on most things though. Finally almost done with the front yard. The grass is also getting to be a much richer green color. Been working with E on his mowing skills. His bike riding skills are improving greatly. E officially graduated from cub scouts to boy scouts last night. He received his Arrow of Light last night. This is the Highest award a cub scout can obtain and the only cub scout award that can be on his boy scout uniform. J got his tiger cub badge last night so he will officially be a wolf next year. He is so proud of himself. C gets to be a tiger next year. Kris even got a ribbon for her assistance. K is still lovin ballet. L wants to do everything everyone else does. The unborn is kicking I hear. I start my training next Wednesday night. Day Camp starts next week.

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