Monday, May 18, 2009

Been a while

I know, I know...Its about time. What have we been up to? Not necessarily in this order. Kris is off work until after baby comes. So nice being able to relax with her at night. I finally got my Real Estate brokers license, something I've wanted to do for a long time. The kids only have a few weeks of school left. E will be in middle school next year. E still loves electronics. J has his drawing. C likes Video games but also plays Tball. K is my little ballerina. L pretends to sing and dance. We started at a new church Saturday night. They have a real good kids program. They have the same service three times...Saturday night, and twice more on Sunday morning. We will probably go to the Saturday night one mostly. The kids were not real excited about going when we pulled up Saturday night except for J. When it was time to go home they did not want to leave. The youth pastor apologized that on Saturday Nights they kept all the kids together the wholetime for Children's church because it was a much smaller crowd than Sunday. Funny thing the place was packed for a smaller crowd. If you want to read about the place check out . We finally finishedthe planting in front of our living room window where we have a flagstone pathway. It looks nice. I am sure pics are coming on Kris' site. We added some Ribbon Grass, SeaOats, and Plumeria. Now just the paver patio and a couple plants in front of that and the front will be finished. I did finally get to moms and fix her timer and rewire her panel..Sorry it took so long mom. We hada very nice visit with mom and dad and the BBQand chili were great. Well thats all I can think of at the moment.


Sheri said...

Now you can come help landscape my room and board!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting, and thank you for the wonderful visit. I will miss you all while we are gone. Probably would nto see you anyway but just knowing you are close is comforting.
Tell Kris to hurry and post photos. I want to see. see you tomorrow morning. Love you all, So much.