Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend work

I am sore...We got up Saturday morning and went rght to work. I started removing weeds while Kris was sanding front door. I edged the front lawn then mowed it. Then I moved all the large river rocks around the utility box we have out front and vacuumed the leaves around that...I was going to take the photinias out that day also but Clark from work came by and said hed help if he could have brainer... I also cant take the agapanthas out until I know I will be heading to Redding because I know mom would like those...I sifted out the dead from among the daises...LOL that doesnt sound right...sanding on that door took a couple days..We also started painting the entry closet door...Bye bye wood grain...well that was my weekend off...Oh and Sunday night we watched Facing the Giants...Excellent Christian movie.

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