Friday, March 09, 2007

General Info

The debate is on....Do we want solid surface counters in our kitchen..or the less expensive granite tile....Definitely leaning toward solid. Its funny...I didnt buy a house but a bundle of projects...Lets see so far ...carpets, flooring in boys rooms, new shower door, paint, removal of old wood stove, add a light to ceiling fan in the living room, removal of wood deck (good thing I have connections there), removal of old sheds, removal of old hedges out back around deck, removal of rose TREES, have i forgotten anything Kris? Whats next? Removal of photinias in front yard, removal of brick mow strip, fix sprinkler lines, build Evan a bed, clean up rock area near gingko tree, get BBQ ready for spring, put in low planter wall closer to house with shorter plants so we don't hide house, flagstone patio in backyard, some sort of porch in front yard, remove agapanthas (ugliest plants ever), remove Shasta daisies, Fix cracked sidewalk, fix fence, Tile kitchen and entry, kitchen counters, sound like fun? YES

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