Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Candy Making

Not a lot going on here just a lot of working. It is Candy making season though. I made some fudge for the kids last Friday. Yesterday I made walnut Brittle. The brittle was pretty good. I had my pans keeping warm in the oven while I made the candy on the stove. I followed the directions to a T. After getting the candy up to 300 degrees I had Kris pull the pans out I turned the heat off the stove mixed in the final ingredients and spread the brittle out between the two pans. The one pan started hardening up right away but the other didn't want to seem to set up.
Only when it started bubbling did we realize we had set the pan on the hot burner.

Still turned out ok though


Sheri said...

At least you didnt try to dissolve the walnuts.

M wants me to make some fudge like Aunt Kris (She made it the year we came back for the holidays).

Anonymous said...

Candy HUH? Would you like my recipe for Almond Roca. That is fun to make and easy, problem is it has to get so hot.
Bye the way walnuts will not dissolve in hot liquid. LOL

Sheri said...

I realize you only have one more than me but it was much more fun to make it sound like that's all you did. LOL